Every School Logo Draft

Every School Partnership is one component of the “Every School / Every Neighbor” Initiative that is being mobilized and led by the ACTS Group.   This initiative was conceptualized in January 2015 and launched as the school year began in August/September 2015.  The Every School Partnership component has as its objective every public school having one or more committed church partners in a community or city.

Vision Statement:

The vision of Every School Partnership is to connect one or more church partners with every public elementary, middle, continuation and high school.  Participating churches commit to five years of partnership to the school for service, encouragement, and leadership as identified and requested by the school administration.  Non-profits and businesses work together with the church to meet school and student needs.

Core Principles for Every School Partnership:

  • Relationship – partner “with” rather than “for” the school: “listen well and move at the speed of trust”
  • Service – serve without promoting your own agenda: “no agenda”
  • Integrity – be reliable to follow through on commitments: “a yes is a yes”
  • Commitment – continue your effort over the long term: “here to stay”
  • Celebration – lift up “wins” with the schools/families: “milestones matter”

To learn more or to engage with this initiative, email us at info@serveunited.us

We are glad to have as a partner and national model, Be Undivided

Be Undivided’s Five Core Values

  1. No agenda. BeUndivided churches don’t initiate service to the school as an avenue for proselytizing
  2. Humility. We encourage churches to recognize the expertise of school staff, and come alongside to fill in school-identified needs and gaps.
  3. Excellence. We are people of our word. We encourage our people to under-promise and over-deliver!
  4. Sustained. We believe that churches need to be committed to the long-term needs of the schools they serve.
  5. Community. We urge churches to encourage their congregations to be present with the schools they serve together—games, plays, functions, serve days, etc. We believe that there is power in community




Resources for School Partnerships

Inspirational and Instructional Videos


Jeff Kreiser, Executive Director of The ACTS Group, shares the vision of the Every School / Every Neighbor Initiative

Donna Trumbo, Director of Compassion and Outreach at Bayside of South Sacramento, gives the ABCs of School Partnership [Part 1]

Donna Trumbo, Director of Compassion and Outreach at Bayside of South Sacramento, gives the ABCs of School Partnership [Part 2]

Lamar Pringle, Director of Downtown Young Life, shares about the importance of unity and togetherness in school partnerships

Enoch Yeung,  Executive Director of New Hope Community Development Corporation, shares the non-profit perspective on how to impact students and families in schools and in neighborhoods

Ed Manansala, Deputy Superintendent of El Dorado County Office of Education speaks about creating conditions for children to flourish

Documents and Online Resources

BeUndivided– National resources and examples

Vanderbelt University’s First Amendment Center– Separation of Church and State