On Saturday, April 18th Disciples Church in Folsom organized a free health and wellness fair for individuals and families in the Folsom community who may have difficulty receiving access to many services. The following is their update:

We had 24 Health Care Professionals ranging from MD’s to Chiropractors and from Dietitians to Organic Farmers represented giving away advice, health screenings, resources and freebies. Over 150 people came through for care and a large majority of those received transformational health advice and in some cases even treatment plans.

One of the greatest highlights of the day for us was a homeless family that came through – mom, dad and their teenage daughter. Moxie Salon was on site giving free haircuts and they pulled out all the stops to not only give haircuts to this family, but went the extra mile and gave mom and daughter full makeovers. Just their way of asserting that family’s value to God and us. They left with food, health care and a makeover that encouraged and inspired them.

The day was a huge success, especially for our first ever stab. We’re already discussing doing it again in the fall for Back-to-School.

THANK YOU Disciples Church, Moxie Salon, and all other skilled volunteers for sharing God’s love by giving services to the community of Folsom!