On April 8th, over 5,500 people joined together to work on over 110 projects all over the city of Modesto to love the city in practical ways. Service projects included providing encouragement to the elderly and foster parents, manual labor for people and organizations in need, and neighborhood and school beautification projects just to name a few. Love Modesto is an initiative that began in 2007 in answer to the questions: Why is Modesto on lists of the “worst cities in America”? If Modesto churches were to suddenly disappear from the area, would anyone even care or notice?

Now, 10 years later, Love Modesto has helped tens of thousands of people in Modesto tackle issues and loving communities through one-day service festivals and by providing year round service opportunities for churches and citizens who care. The dream of having a one-day festival of service has also spread to more than 50 cities in an effort called “Love our Cities

THANK YOU Love Modesto for mobilizing others to serve in life-giving ways!